step 7 to conquering stuttering

Try to identify what you are doing wrong with your speech mechanism when you stutter. "For some stutterers simply identifying stutterings as they are being produced is sufficient to enable them to start modifying these very same instances of stuttering." (Conture) "The stutterer must come to know just what he does when he approaches a feared word or situation." (Van Riper) Study your speech using a mirror, tape recorder, video, hold onto a block long enough to determine what you are doing, and/or stutter slowly enough to get the feel of what is happening. "Self Therapy for the Stutterer" published by The Stuttering Foundation of America goes into detail about finding out what you do when you stutter.It helps you analyze the pattern of your blocks and how to analyze in detail what you do with your speech mechanism. A speech therapist trained to work with people who stutter can be a great asset with this step. A list of therapists who have gone for extra training to work with stutterers is available under "referrals" at